Let’s meet our company

At Meteca, we are passionate about delivering technology that can improve lives and make products smarter. This is exactly the environment in which Briki was born. Can you imagine beginning a completely new and exciting journey, but with well known, trusted and talented fellow travellers? This is what is happening with our company, Meteca, and its Briki project. The story began exactly where other great stories with great people were ending. Because we believe that the real power of a company is always people! So after many years of experience, we got the opportunity to begin again, from scratch, together. In the last few years, we have become aware that maker and industrial markets are still running on two completely separate rails with few points of contact. No matter if we’re talking about a maker trying to develop a great idea into a real product, or a company looking for a different and fresh approach to deliver something new. Despite the vast number of devices and plentiful documentation out there, there’s still a huge, and often unbridgeable, gap between these two rails. Briki’s mission is to fill this gap with small, affordable, robust and powerful bricks, offered to both maker and industrial markets, to start building together the bridge we were all missing. Brick by brick. We work with our partners, customers and suppliers to grow together, and to try to make it easier for other people to grow. We will always stand for our values: passion for quality and care for details, love for open source and open hardware, respect for people and for the environment.