Scribit is a portable vertical plotter system that ushers in a new way of drawing, writing, and sharing content, from the digital world into the physical world, and turn your wall into a wonderwall. Scribit people are a group of art and robotics lovers that believe it’s time to bring more creativity and passion into daily routine, making robots accessible to everyone and bringing tomorrow’s technology into our lives. At the heart of the Scribit electronics there is our Briki MBC-WB responsible for Wi-Fi based cloud interface, robot movements (controlling also drawing and erasing functionalities) and sensors acquisition. Beside supplying the MBC, Meteca also produces the robot electronic motherboard and offers to Scribit R&D specific technical support.


Sunspeker is a young Italian startup, founded by Fabrizio Chiara, Andrea Gaiardo e Alessandro Zerbetto and based in Turin, that develops innovative technologies for the ICT sector. Their first product is the SAS Totem, a brand-new industrial scale solution for the Out-Of-Home (OOH) communication. Solar energy, “green advertising”, high speed connectivity, environment monitoring, charging systems for electrical vehicles in the “last mile” power delivery: these are the technology solutions adopted by SAS Totem to face the nowadays smart-cities challenges within a typical totem form factor. Thanks to its modularity and to the huge amount of available pins, the Briki MBC-WB, is the perfect solution to manage sensors and IoT aspects of the SAS Totem. Meteca offers to SUNSPEKER their technology, sharing know-how and commercial and marketing actions.


The Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics studies aspects of electronics technologies and technical computer science as applied to product development.
The Department of Innovative Technologies participates in research strategies, particularly in terms of applied research and the transfer of knowledge to the Ticino business context.
The aim is to be the reference partner for the development of innovation, particularly new products, for industries in Ticino, in the Insubria region and in specialist sectors throughout Switzerland. The issues dealt with by the Department of Innovative Technologies range across the sectors of informatics, electronics, mechanics and advanced materials, focusing particularly on the management of IT network systems in the general communications field, on system integration and on production system management.
Meteca and SUPSI are partnering on Briki software development, and in particular they are now working on delivering a tool with Graphical User Interface for automatic code generation for the Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), a process that lets engineers quickly test and iterate their control strategie.

Accademia dell’Hardware e Software Libero «Adriano Olivetti»

“Adriano Olivetti” Free Hardware and Software Academy, it’s a cultural association born in 2010 and based on the concept of free exchange of technical and scientific knowhow (hardware and software). The Academy aim is to stimulate the training, through the innovation and the spread of knowledge, of expert people capable of understanding the deep impact that the IT has on the society.Among the Accademia’s projects there’s the Fablab, a laboratory born with the goal to put in contact youngsters and the technology through the creation of projects related to robotics, 3D printing, videogaming and programming. FabLab Ivrea takes advantage of Meteca products for its evangelization courses and Briki is the reference hardware device for most of the FabLab projects. At the same time FabLab Ivrea helps Meteca in writing code examples, doing bug fixing and making Briki documentation even more accessible.