Briki MBC
Modular Brick Concept

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MBC-WB01-BPN (D21 - ESP32 - EXT 64 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - No Crypto)MBC-WB01-BPS (D21 - ESP32 - EXT 64 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - Crypto)MBC-WB31-CPS (D51 - ESP32 - EXT 128 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - Crypto)MBC-WB01-APN (D21 - ESP32 - INT 16 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - No Crypto)

MBC is the perfect brick on your road from prototype to production because it is easy to use, cheap, and already certified.

This compact SoM is the ideal solution for designers that want a unique device with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus a dedicated control MCU. The MBC specification allows users to switch from one module to another (also with different MCU and/or functionalities) in a seamless fashion, since all modules will share same pinout and dimensions. Take the size of a postcard stamp, put inside of it an ARM MCU, both Wi-Fi and BT /BLE communication interfaces and 62 GPIO and you will starting to glimpse the powerfulness of the Briki module.


Main features

ATSAMD21G18A ARM® Cortex®-M0+

ESP32-D0WD dual-core Tensilica Xtensa LX6 running @240MHz

CryptoAuth ECC608A chip

QSPI 64-Mbit or 128-Mbit flash

Key points

Innovative features

From prototype to product in a simple way

Full code control for both the chips thanks to the exposed debug interfaces

Small form factor with a big amount of GPIOs

Fluid logic to surpass the classical rigid master/slave topology

Embedded flash memory for both, code and user storage

Multi-language support (C/C++ and python)

Dual wireless interface (BLE/BT and Wi-Fi)


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