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Welcome in the Hardware section of the Briki forum.
Feel free to ask everything you want to know about hardware features of Briki boards.

If you want more information about our software or firmware visit the specific forum sections.

The only thing we ask you is to follow these simple rules to get the best experience in this forum for you and other users:

  • Use Search first.
    Probably someone else has already asked what you are looking for. Try to insert some keywords in the search button and see the related results.
  • Be as descriptive as possible.
    Chose the right forum section to post your question. Also always remember to describe your hardware, firmware and software configuration when you ask for help. Any relevant information can help people to help you.
  • Do not post spam, advertising or copyright-infringing material.
    This forum was born to help people to find the information they want so please avoid anything that isn’t topic related.
  • Do not post offensive posts, links or images.
    People are here to help you. Please always be respectful of other memebers.
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