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Hi, the hardware SPI SERCOM1 of the arduino M0 pro and adafruit Metro M0 Express (both have ATSAMD21G18 processor) have the pins available, but briki use them internally to “speak” with the ESP32 processor.
Now, the RA8875 1.4.0 library don’t work with the briki. Do you have a workaround? Some suggestions? Thank you in advance


Update: all works fine but one should change the “CS” line on pin 13 (instead of 10 as in the demo program) change it in the program definitions and physical connect the wire on pin 13 (CS), pin 23 (MOSI), pin 25 (MISO) and pin 24 (SKC) of the ABC Board with the same signals of the RA8875 board. The signals RST and INT can be user defined.

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