MBC™ a new electronic standard

MBC is the perfect brick on your road from prototype to production, because it is easy to use, cheap, and already certified. The MBC is characterized by a standardized form factor and pinout in each module of the Briki Family.

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Briki MBC-WB
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Device

This compact System on module (SoM) is the ideal solution for designers who want a unique device with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus a dedicated control MCU.


Industry 4.0 / Robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Wearable


Briki MBC-LR
Long Range Lora Device

The MBC-LR, addresses to all those applications that require a device certified and optimized for very long-range, low consumption sub-GHz Low-Power Wide-Area networks.


Smart Cities / Smart agriculture / Smart metering / Low power sensor network


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