Briki ABC
Advanced Board Carrier

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MBC-WB01-BPN (D21 - ESP32 - EXT 64 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - No Crypto)MBC-WB01-BPS (D21 - ESP32 - EXT 64 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - Crypto)MBC-WB31-CPS (D51 - ESP32 - EXT 128 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - Crypto)MBC-WB01-APN (D21 - ESP32 - INT 16 Mbit flash - PCB Antenna - No Crypto)

The Briki™ Advanced Board Carrier (ABC) provides a full Arduino® Shield Standard form-factor, to help developers use a well known environment while experimenting with the Briki MBC™.

It has six Grove connectors to allow the user to play with a huge amount of ready-to-use sensor and actuator break-out boards, as well as a micro-SD socket and a selection of on-board sensors, including a 6-axis IMU, a gesture sensor, and a microphone. You can use whatever you want: Grove sensors, Arduino compatible shields, or anything else you can think of with the Briki ABC. It is the perfect companion for every experiment.


Main features

Dual power supply – 3.3V and 5V up to 1.5A each

Neopixel RGB LED


Gesture sensor VL6180XV0NR


Micro-SD card slot

Key points

Innovative features

Standard Arduino pinout/shields compatible

Full code control for both the chips thanks to the exposed debug interfaces

Small form factor with a big amount of GPIOs

Fluid logic to surpass the classical rigid master/slave topology

Embedded flash memory for both, code and user storage


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