Would you like to reduce the
Time-to-Market of your IoT Project?

That’s why we designed Briki

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Briki innovation


Small and powerful: the perfect IoT enabler thanks to its performance features and its multitasking and connection capability

2 microcontrollers in
perfect harmony

Quick Go-to-Market

Save time and money: straight from prototype to product with all the main product features already certified

FCC, CE and RED certified


Secure your project: both Safe connection & Hardware protection with the on-board Crypto Chip

Complete security level

Use Cases

Design for applications

how to use briki modules in industry

Industry 4.0

how to use briki modules in robotics


how to use briki modules for smart home

Smart Home

how to use briki modules for smart cities

Smart Cities

how to use briki modules


how to use briki modules for makers

Makers Experimentation

MBC™ a new
electronic standard

MBC is the perfect brick on your road from prototype to production, because it is easy to use, cheap, and already certified. This compact System on module (SoM) is the ideal solution for designers who want a unique device with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus a dedicated control MCU.

Technical features

From prototype to product in a simple and fast way

Full code control for both the chips thanks to the exposed debug interfaces

Small form factor with maximum of GPIOs

Liquid logic to surpass the classical rigid master/slave topology

Embedded flash memory for code and user storage

Multi-language support (C/C++ and python)

Dual wireless interface (BLE/BT and Wi-Fi)

The Briki® product family offers different solutions for several kind of users.

From prototype to production: various stand alone modules for industrial markets and different carriers boards to help developers experiment with the Briki MBC, as well as solutions to speed up the firmware development and code debugging. You’ll find yourself moving your ideas to production faster by minimizing your effort using the Briki MBC pre-certified modules.


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Would you like to discover
the Briki architecture?

To explore its powerful potential, test it with the MBC-WB Development Kit.

The Kit includes:
1x MBC-WB Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Module
1x ABC Advanced Carrier Board with MBC Module included
1x DBC Debugger Carrier Board with MBC Module included
One-to-one web conference with our team of experts

Briki Development Kit
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Briki on the market

Scribit the vertical plotter

Scribit is a portable vertical plotter system that ushers in a new way of drawing, writing, and sharing content, from the digital world into the physical world, and turns your wall into a wonderwall. At the heart of the Scribit electronics there is our Briki MBC-WB responsible for the Wi-Fi based cloud interface, robot movements (controlling also drawing and erasing functionalities) and sensor acquisition. In addition to supplying the MBC, Meteca also produces the robot’s electronic motherboard and offers specific technical support to Scribit R&D.

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